What do you do when the risk of doing nothing at all is worse than the risk of doing what everybody says it’s impossible? Well, Let me reintroduce you to what I tagged the Rahab experience.

If I ask you, who will you recommend in your family as the chosen vessel of God for the turn around of your entire family? Personally, I will think of the cool, calm, and wonderful person. In this case, God had to use the worst you can think of to do the best you can never imagine. Rahab the harlot’s case is the instant transition that many of us are clamouring for today.

What will you do in a situation where running away from the city (situation) means death and staying in the city (situation) means death? That is the Rahab experience and the best time to dare the impossible!

Unknowing to us, there are times God allows us to go through the ‘Rahab experience,’ overwhelming situations that don’t care whether you are a saint or sinner; a pastor or prostitute, you have to do something very urgent, and you have to do it instantly.

In this experience, it could look like your life have become magnets that catch only ugly situations, from good news to sad news and many but’s… For others, all they have attracted all their life are men who made promises to give them money, and before they could give them any penny, they almost choked out all the life in them and deposited complicated frustration.

In the midst of Rahab’s greatest crises, she attracted two men who had her wildest imagination’s potentials. Most contradictory in this experience is this: how can a harlot in the midst of catastrophe have, and still retain, a strong faith in her heart while many moralists in Jericho have died in their heart because of fear? More than just her faith, she knew perfectly who these spies (sole solution) were – this alone carries 40%. Is it possible that going through much trouble can affect our sense of recognition of the solution God sends our way?

Not Rahab, she entered into a covenant (agreement) with the two spies, demanding a sure sign (covenant deeds) from the spies and kept her own bargain in the agreement. Rahab Experience reminds me of the saving power in the new covenant in the blood of Jesus. With this power, you can take more than a risk, you can turn a dead situation into life, and the impossible becomes possible.

Knowledge mixed with faith, entering into covenant and keeping the covenant was all it took Rahab to switch into an irreversible better life. She heard the stories of the dealings of the God of Isreal with Pharoh and the Egyptians. The God that killed the entire firstborn in Egypt and brought out about 6 million people won’t have any problem saving one person in Jericho.

The death situation that you are facing, the challenges surrounding you, and that problem keep you awake in the night? They are there because you have to dare the impossible! You have to step out of your comfort zone, step into an unknown path and take a risk that you’ve never taken before in your life.

Jericho’s fate and that of everyone in it was already sealed – they are all going to die! The story has it that many died out of fear – their hearts failed them. We are talking about Kings, men of war, soldiers, top business executives etc., dying out of fear, so what’s the hope for a mere harlot?

They all heard the same story of how the God of Isreal dealt with Pharoh, his great armies, and abundant chariots. They knew that death, destruction and the end of Jerico is coming, but Rahab saw the other side of the story. There is always another side to the story, just like there is always the other side of the coin. Many focused on the impending unavoidable doom, but Rahab looked at the other side – the God of Isreal’s saving power and how he pulled his people out of Egypt with his mighty hand.

Rahab realized that all she needed to do was to connect to people of God – the saved people. That way, she will also experience salvation. It Worked! She believed (faith). She knew (knowledge). She connected and struck a covenant.

Today, you can connect directly to God through his Son (Jesus) by faith. Daring the impossible for Rahab began when she believed in the saving power of God. Great risks will always ask this basic question: who sent you? Faith in God sent Rahab, and that faith is available to us today.

Mark 9:23 Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” The Angel Gabriel also said this to Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, when her barren situation has moved from hopeless to impossible, “For with God nothing will be impossible.”

Rahab, now full of faith, took action and went to the point of hiding the spies – an act that carries an instant death sentence. Now that you are full of faith, it is now time to take that action or step or decision. It could look like walking into a death trap, but the saving power of God has waited so long for you to step into action and experience the power of the covenant-keeping God.

“The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.”

INSIGHT: One of the biggest questions that risk will ask you is very simple; who sent you to pick me up? Is it knowledge, faith, understanding, a word from God? Or is it Feelings, sentiments or nothing? Pleases answer this question before you take a risk.

Further Insight:  Josh. 2v1-24: Heb 11v31: James 2v25